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Driven people, pioneering products, singular purpose

Our focus.

Building an extraordinary company is (very) hard. But we believe in founders setting out to do just that, while also making a positive impact on our world. If you embody all of these traits and you’re just beginning your own journey, please get in touch.
Tell us about your company


You're driven by a clear vision for an extraordinary company that you're uniquely qualified to build.


Your groundbreaking product can re-define an existing large market, or create an entirely new one.


Your mission is a strategic advantage - a North Star that attracts talent, capital & belief even when the path is hard.
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Our approach.


First check

We invest early, at Seed or Pre-seed. We will invest pre-revenue (and at times pre-product), but we look for a very clear & compelling articulation of your business. Our initial check typically ranges from $500K-$2M and we can either lead or join a high-quality syndicate.

Hands on

We build strong working relationships with our founding teams. From the moment we invest, we are intensely focused on supporting your path to product/market fit and your institutional Series A.

High conviction

You've chosen to invest yourself in a mission that matters to people & planet. We've chosen to invest ourselves in supporting founders exactly like you.
Our Approach. Our Approach. Our Approach.
Portfolio at a glance

An evolving snapshot of our portfolio.

companies funded to-date
Follow-on Funding
raised follow-on $ within 15 mos.
1st-time Founders
started by 1st-time founders
Diversity & Inclusion
have female or URM founders

Meet the team.

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Investment Team

Headshot of Paul Straub

Paul Straub

Managing Director
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Harsh Patel

Managing Director
Headshot of Lily Bernicker

Lily Bernicker

Headshot of Allie Mullen

Allie Mullen

Director of Platform

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