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Wireframe welcomes Allie Mullen as our new Director of Platform

September 6, 2022
Allie Mullen
Allie Mullen joins Wireframe Ventures

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I am thrilled to be joining the Wireframe Ventures team to support mission-driven founders improving the health of people and the planet.

I have built my career around a mission of advancing equity and driving change. In my eight years, I have worked at and consulted early-stage and mission-driven startups, have been employee #1 for a women's community, advised founders, led partnerships, built and launched programs, produced hundreds of events, and more. I am a proud Generalist and I have found that my skills aid me in the incessant pursuit of transforming something good into something excellent.

Prior to joining Wireframe, I spent the last two years at digitalundivided, a nonprofit focused on Latina and Black women founders (the most underfunded and underserved) to help grow their businesses. I built up the partnerships division from the ground up, bringing in millions of dollars in new revenue, which funded the launch of new programs and more than doubled program reach for women of color. These included a program to help Latina and Black women founders raise their first $1MM in capital, giving them the resources, tools, connections, and know-how to scale their businesses to the next level –  a preview of the Platform work I will be doing at Wireframe. While at Ladies Get Paid, I fostered and grew the online and offline community by launching weekly educational webinars and events, establishing corporate partnerships, helping women get hired and hire new team members, and more. Across all of these programs and my work, I have worked closely with founders to help them find solutions that drive impact at scale.

Throughout my conversations and early work with Harsh, Paul, and Lily, two unique elements stood out: an intense dedication to driving change across climate and health, and a genuine commitment to doing whatever it takes to support Wireframe founders. While I have worn many hats throughout my career, my passion for working closely with founders, especially at the early stages, is what inspired me to pivot into venture capital. Furthermore, Wireframe’s focus on climate and health, what I believe to be the world’s most urgent needs, demands disruption and innovation. I’m excited to learn and contribute my skills to the process of building market-defining companies. Our missions are aligned and that’s why I am so thrilled to be joining this incredible team.

As Wireframe’s first-ever Platform team member, I’m tasked with building high-value content and community programs from the ground up, while also supporting internal operations. While the Platform role is a newer and growing function in venture capital, it is not often that a firm would prioritize it so early on. I’m excited to identify and amplify the highest potential founders, provide strategic support to build extraordinary companies and deliver on the promise of our firm.

To Wireframe’s portfolio founders, investors, and partners – I cannot wait to start working with you. And to the new founders ready to build world-changing companies, along with like-minded investors, platform leads, corporate leaders, and ecosystem builders, I encourage you to reach out and start a conversation. Feel free to email me at allie@wireframevc.com or on Twitter @allieallieM. We can’t make change on our own, so let’s do this together!

Follow Allie on Twitter @allieallieM

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